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Ron Caplan headshot

Ron Caplan


A native of New England, Ron Caplan studied business management at Northeastern University before relocating to the Philadelphia area and launching his career in real estate development. In 1978, what started with the purchase of several single-family homes soon expanded into a collection of multi-unit housing ventures located throughout the city of Philadelphia. Ron founded PMC Property Group (then called Philadelphia Management Company) in 1981 when the number and size of his properties had grown robust enough to require the services of a management company. Since that time, Ron has also assembled a general-contracting division within PMC Property Group, making the company a full-service developer focused on adaptive-reuse projects spanning the East Coast. Known for a skillful attention to details, Ron takes a detailed, personal approach to overseeing PMC's extensive real estate holdings and the company's future growth. Under his strategic direction, the company has become the largest owner/operator of rental units in the city of Philadelphia.

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